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Three words describe his role: empowerment, responsibility, and fun.

We are more interested in the right mindset rather than a perfect code. We are looking for people who are willing to learn, willing to fail, and are team players. People that have architecture skills rather than the Golang itself. 


Videos of interesting conferences on YouTube, 

For beginners highly recommended a YouTube channel: justforfunc: Programming in Go. It explains very interesting things about Golang and shows some professional opensource project 

Meet Alex! He started his career as a web developer and later as a backend developer jumping around many companies to end up in BlueLabs in 2019. He has worked in BlueLabs since day 1 and he had taken part in shaping the product and the company as it is now.  He values a good working environment where he can have the chance to work with skilled people and have continuous learning opportunities. 

His job as a team and tech lead is a mix of management and software development. He finds the managerial part challenging but also very rewarding to see how the team grows and achieves new goals. He puts a lot of emphasis on supporting each team member and creating an environment where everyone has autonomy in their work and real influence on the final product. 

Currently, the whole team is focused on the migration of our new client - a new sportsbook platform that will use our software. The migration will require no modification of the old platform to keep our system in sync. It will be running normally while we use Change Data Capture (CDC) to detect changes and automatically update our platform. Using this approach will allow us to test that the data is being migrated properly while the old platform is still doing regular business. It is worth mentioning that there will be no downtime as data will be eventually updated in BlueLabs keeping both systems synchronized.

The exciting part of the job is having a big impact. Any tiny decision that the team is making now affects everything in the future. BlueLabs is still a small team, so developers have to code the core that has a direct impact on the platform. The focus is on making our software scalable, performant, and future-proof.

Over the next few years, he would like to see the company grow organically. To be able to automate more and more processes, for example, making use of ML and AI. He wants to see the success - BlueLabs’ software as a benchmark in the betting industry. Being focused on doing things in the best way, instead of following others.