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Three words describe his role: technology, responsibility, and collaboration.

Most candidates fail in the technical challenge and it’s usually because of severe overcomplications, so keep it simple and apply all the basics of functional programming correctly. Make sure the solution actually produces the expected result.


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Meet Laurynas! For the first two years of his career, he was a full-stack developer with PHP and Java and then quickly moved focus to backend engineering using Java. He gradually started being interested in functional programming and did a lot of projects in his spare time. Then he switched jobs to work with Scala professionally. After 3,5 years there he found BlueLabs.  

He highly values autonomy and trust. He thrives in an environment where he is trusted to implement things as he sees fit. What’s great about working here is that you get to make an impact. The teams are very small so you get to be a part of every important decision. You are responsible for business initiatives end to end. You get a lot of responsibility and it’s really rewarding. The working environment is admirable: experimentation is encouraged and every mistake is treated as a learning opportunity. 

His daily work in the broad sense is solving problems. He is responsible for the whole Offer team and their development while remaining hands-on. They are providing betting opportunities to the platform and keep adding new ways you can bet. Live sporting event data is very time-sensitive so it is really important that the real-time stream processing pipeline they are building is reliable and fast.

The drive and excitement for his job come from interesting business problems and having creative freedom when solving them. To be good at that, developers have to constantly improve and update their knowledge. He finds that the best engineers go the extra mile to research new technologies, and design patterns and are good at data structures and algorithms. 

Over the next couple of years, he would like to see BlueLabs grow the teams, acquire more business opportunities and help our clients establish themselves as market leaders.