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Meet our colleagues


With a grand passion for data, he started working with our team in 2020 with a focus on building a Data Platform at BlueLabs and driving the Data domain since. The data team is in charge of gathering, processing, and integrating data that comes from a variety of internal (mainly event streams) and external data sources. The team has to have a deep understanding of the structure and meaning of data emitted by other domains and sources, as well as end-user requirements, in order to bring value to the company.


As one of the first developers on the BlueLabs team, he joined us in 2019 to continue to pursue his strong passion for functional programming. Laurynas’ focus is on the Offer domain. The team's mission is to provide relevant and fairly priced betting opportunities with a focus on multi-tenancy and performance. 


Joan has been sharing his knowledge with us since 2020. Joan’s focus is on the Infrastructure domain. The team’s mission is to provide secure and reliable infrastructure, enabling other engineering teams to successfully deploy and manage their workloads, while ensuring the maximum availability of our products. They design, deploy, maintain, secure and lead the implementation of BlueLabs’ Cloud Infrastructure.


Alex is one of our first employees. He is a superstar developer with an extraordinary passion for software development. Alex’s focus is on the Betting and Account domain. The team is building and delivering a consistent and high-performance platform to manage everything related to the player, from onboarding to payments, and create a reliable bet placement and settlement experience for a large customer base.

Open positions


Data EngineerRemoteEurope, Saint Julian's, Malta