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Recruitment FAQ

How long does your recruitment process typically take?

In both our interest we are aiming for a lean and quick process. But it also depends a lot on your availability, e.g. if you are booking your interviews with us for a couple days or a couple of weeks later, and how much time you take to work on the test task.

Ideally, the process can be completed in 2 weeks, but as per our experience it rather takes about twice as long or even longer, if the submission of the coding task is delayed.

Why are you only accepting applicants based in Europe?

While we are having flexible working hours and favour asynchronous communication, we still need to have synchronous meetings at times and being spread over too many timezones would complicate things.

In addition to that we are organising 1-2 annual onsite meetings at differing locations in Europe. Having team members outside Europe would complicate the travel logistics for such events even further.

What factors define my compensation?

As we believe in transparency and fair compensation we do include compensation ranges for all roles we publish. If we make you an offer, the actual compensation offered depends on your skills and professional experience, e.g. your knowledge of the tools and technologies used in the role as well as your overall professional experience, potential previous experience in the sports betting industry etc.

We do not factor in where you are based as we believe everyone should be compensated based on the market value of their role and the value one brings to the company.

Our offers tend to fall more often into the bottom halves of the published compensation ranges as finding the perfect candidate for a role is not an easy task. But for a candidate ticking all the boxes things look obviously different.

Will I be an employee or a contractor?

The administrative burden for distributed companies to employ their team members in their respective countries is very high. Hence most of them are bringing on their team members as independent contractors and we are no exception to that.

The compensations stated in our roles are therefore to be understood as gross amounts to be invoiced by you to our company, with any taxes and contributions (e.g. social security, healthcare, pension funds) to be born by you.

Under certain circumstances we might be required to employ you through an umbrella company in your country of residence. In such cases the compensation shall be understood as the total cost to be paid by the company for such arrangement.

Do I need to travel if I work for you?

While it is very limited, we do expect everyone to be able to travel twice per year to our onsite meetings. Being remote this is most often the only time in the year when we meet face-to-face and the purpose of these meetings is to bond and have a good time together.